About us

SOFTEC sa was founded in August of 1997. Initially offering consulting services to the European Commission, SOFTEC expanded its services to include information management solutions and Web application engineering.

SGML and XML technologies are SOFTEC's fastest growing business areas on the international market. SOFTEC is offering advanced information solutions and document technologies, focusing on structured information, open interchange and the interoperability of information applications.

Following the flotation, SOFTEC has supplied information solutions based on the OmniMark language developed by OmniMark Technologies, a subsidiary of Stilo International. These solutions involved heavy use of the SGML and XML standards as well as recent Internet and intranet technologies such as Dynamic HMTL, W3C DOM, CSS2 and JavaScript 1.5.

New marketing policies from Stilo have marked a major turning point in SOFTEC objectives. After some experiences in .NET technologies using differents Common Language Runtimes available on both commercial and open sources markets, SOFTEC as finally invest deeply in Java and Groovy development over the XWiki Open-Source platfom. We are now focusing on collaborative website development, and on-line application for the small and medium business. We also develop proprietary Web applications with intuitive interfaces and innovative concepts. We are aim to integrate leading commercial technologies, like emerging solutions from Google, with successful open-source solutions.

Most of our clients are major companies who face the needs to revamp their current distribution channels and want to provide their own clients with the best on-line solutions. The usage of new technologies like the Internet could increase your current ROI by reducing both production and distribution costs. We are your partner to implement and deal with these new technologies.